BEARHAUS is a little house in a big dream!

I’m Patrícia, from “ROSE AND CACAO”, and with my family help, we built this house for ME, for YOU, for US.

A virtual house where we could be together because I believe then we are stronger. This is a HOUSE SHARE kind of thing. 

A group of likeminded individuals that come together to share a place and support each other through a journey that would not be the same if taken alone. We always think of our home as a community space where everyone can keep their own individuality but also benefit from the association with other artists that work around a common theme.

At this time, we are Emma from “PLAY FROM YOUR HEART”, Filipa from “LITTLE MATILDA ATELIER”, Tânia from “SEWING LOVE”, Sarah from “NORTHFIELD” and I.

So please make yourself at home, enjoy a cup of tea and go for a walkabout. Explore every corner …and don’t be shy, if you bump in to someone you like, take the time, sit down and have a chat.

So, if you like to join us, you can also take up a room, even if it is just temporary…we love having new housemates!

You can take the living-room, bedroom, kitchen,… or even the garden, there’s plenty of space!

It is still a project, a “dollhouse”, where you may find imperfect corners, no furniture yet, but IT’S OURS.

It is a house working in progress, a platform, AN ONLINE MARKETPLACE.


Although we’re based in the UK our aim is for our small platform to reach all corners of the world because we also believe in power of diversity!

So if you’re looking for a different place to share your work, from custom dolls to teddies or even little second-hand treasures that no longer have a place in your heart, you’ve found the right place.